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January 12, 2021

FIRE Approval / Signature Capture

FIRE Spark is now allows your clients to view and digitally sign your Invoices on any device.

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About Us

We are focused on making your business more profitable.

And we've done it time and time again with businesses like yours.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the people at Claero Solutions are the creators of FIRE. We've been in the business of creating software and consulting to a wide range of businesses for almost a decade.

We firmly believe that technology can help make a business run better. However, technology on it's own can cause more problems than it solves, if it's not done properly.

That's why at Claero we know the time spent understanding your business, tailoring the software to how you operate, helping you through the implementation and training, and after it's running staying available and responsive is even more important than well designed software.

So we focus on getting to know your business almost better than you know. Making our software easy to use and flexible enough so that it can be quickly changed to suit your business. Completing all customizations before the system is rolled out, so your employees are not turned into software testers. Implementing quickly so we're not wasting your time. Ensuring our software is stable and reliable. Making sure that we're solving the problems you have told us are important, and not the ones we think should be solved. And staying focused on making you more profitable months and years later, as you and your business evolve.

You even define what our software becomes. Every improvement and software change we've ever made has been a direct result of what our clients tell us they want, and not what a room of software developers thinks is best for you.

Fundamentally we believe that the best client is a happy client, and the best way to gain new clients is from our existing ones.

Let us help you make your business more profitable -- we know it's the only true way we can become more profitable too.