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January 12, 2021

FIRE Approval / Signature Capture

FIRE Spark is now allows your clients to view and digitally sign your Invoices on any device.

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What is FIRE

FIRE is a software product that allows service companies to be more profitable. It reduces the amount of work you and your employees perform to invoice clients, produce reports, pay employees, track assets and operational information, and generally run your business.

The basic philosophy of FIRE is to make it easy to capture all job information once, by the person doing the job. Then get FIRE to do the work for you -- all the information is already there to automatically generate invoices, pay stubs, revenue report, failure analysis and alerts, and almost any other critical piece of information you can imagine. Why should you have to manipulate spreadsheets and re-type data to get what you need. The simple answer is: you don't.

Here are a few key capabilities FIRE offers:  Expand All $("div").show("fast");



Invoice and Get Paid Faster

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With FIRE it's possible to have an invoice generated and out the door within hours of your service delivery, regardless of how remote.

Here's how it works:

Reduce Mistakes

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Even though most companies strive to have a single price book upon which all invoices are based, the reality is often that field employees are using older versions, and/or custom price books are made by different offices. If that isn't

Pay Employees Easier and Faster

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Most service companies pay their field employees a bonus or compensation rate for remote work in addition to their base salary.

However, the rules for calculating this bonus can get complex, particularly if

Safety & Incident Reporting

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If safety isn't one of your #1 priorities, then likely your clients are making it that way.

But how do you ensure you are consistently tracking the problem, notifying

Operational & other Forms

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If half of your field paperwork is for invoicing your clients, the other half is usually for tracking what happened out there.

Most companies working in the field require their employees to fill out

Asset Management

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Where are your assets, what is their utilization, how profitable is each one, when did they fail, are they getting fixed, and are we charging them out correctly.


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Every one of our clients tells us reports one of the most important components of FIRE. Our most common question is: "Can you help me with a report to...".

We deliver on reports. FIRE provides the following list of reporting options.